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The legal creation of the company will be conducted by our sister company, Mexlaw.

This information is applicable for people who want to create a company with two or more individuals as shareholders. If your intention is to include an LLC or Corporation as a shareholder, please, click here.

1. Step One: Providing Basic Information

Your first step in creating a Mexican company is to fill out details regarding your new company via our website. This information is necessary for the creation of the company and identifies a minimum of two (2) shareholders as required by Mexican law. Foreigners may be shareholders in the corporation and the law does not require that any shareholder be a Mexican citizen nor a Mexican resident.

We will also ask you to attach documentation we need to create your company. Please note that Mexlaw uses maximum security decoding to guarantee your personal data is well-protected. We ask that any photographs or scanned documents you provide must be legible.

2. Step Two: Submit Your Payment to Mexlaw

Timely receipt of your payment allows us to move forward with the creation of your new Mexican company.

3. Step Three: Requesting Your Company Name

We will verify which of the three (3) possible names you provided for your company are available. The names can be in English, and we ask you to try to be creative since common names are typically already taken. For example, if you want the Mexico Lindo Corporation, you can add an initial or a number in front of the name to increase your chances of receiving the name you want (First Mexico Lindo).

This process can take three (3) to five (5) business days, after which you will be sent a certificate with the approved name. If the three (3) names you provided were not approved, you will be asked to provide us with three (3) more possibilities.


Remember: Being creative provides you with the greatest chance of success!


While you are waiting for your company name, we will provide you with a Guide for New Companies in Mexico. This guide will help answer questions about taxes and how Mexican companies work. If you still have questions after reviewing the guide, we can arrange a call with one of our experts to assist you.

4. Step Four: Creating the Draft Articles of Incorporation

Once the company name has been secured, we can create a draft of the incorporation documents. Since we will use the information you provided us regarding the activities your company will conduct, you should provide as much detail during the initial information gathering process (Step One) so we can prepare the ideal document for you.

It is very important that at this point you decide who be identified as your administrator or accountant to obtain your FIEL from SAT and allow you to pay your taxes. If you need more information about this topic, please, click here.

The administrator must be a person with a Mexican tax ID known as an RFC. This person can be given a minimal role and limited faculties within the corporation.

5. Step Five: Ready to Sign

Once all the incorporation documents have been reviewed by all parties, we will sign at one of our branches or at one of our associate notary offices. Please note, all shareholders are required to be present in Mexico to sign.

In case one or more shareholder(s) cannot be present for the signing, we have a solution for you. Please, click on the link for more information.

6. Step Six: Registering Your Company

We will register your company in the Public Registry of Commerce and in the National Registry of foreign investment. We will also obtain your company´s Mexican tax ID, known as an RFC and your company is ready to operate!

Once your corporation is ready, Mextax will begin the accounting process.

1. Step One: Obtain the FIEL (e-signature)

The e-signature is a digital file that identifies the corporation when you carry out formalities, procedures, and services before the Government of the Republic. It signs your documents electronically. Due to its characteristics, it is secure and guarantees your identity.

We will schedule an appointment at the SAT offices.The appointment is generated online and is wholly dependent on the availability of SAT. This process can last from 1 to 30 days.

The legal representative is the one who attends to such appointment, with the enterprise’s documentation.

2. Step Two: Open a Bank Account

While we acquire your electronic signature, we simultaneously begin the process to open a bank account in the company name. It is important to point out that banks in Mexico can be very strict when it comes to opening new corporate accounts, therefore they evaluate all the documents in great detail, this process could take from 1 to 3 weeks.

3. Step Three: Account Assigned & Meeting Conducted

Once we obtain the company’s e-signature and bank account, we will introduce you to the accountant assigned to your company who will contact you to give you a briefing on the operation of your company in Mexico.

Mextax will perform the following activities:

  • Prepare the accounting based upon the bank statements that you provide us.

  • Perform the tax calculations.

  • Monthly IVA (VAT) report.

  • IVA and ISR withholding.

  • State taxes report.

  • Annual ISR (income tax) report.

  • Annual statement.

  • Up to 5 invoices included in your package.

  • Consultancies with the accounting team.

There may be unique reports and taxes for certain type of activities, of which the accountant will inform you about when the briefing meeting takes place.