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Expanding Your International Markets: Importing Goods to Mexico

With the growth of Amazon Mexico, many more Amazon sellers and online stores are looking to import their products into Mexico. Below are some of the basics to help you understand the process of importation here:

All importers must be registered on the Padrón de Importadores (Official Register of Importers). The SHCP (Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit) maintains the register and has a list of special sector registries. There are more than 400 products on the special sectors registries and importers must be properly registered to ensure they are able to import these products. These include things like agricultural products, textiles, chemicals, electronics, and auto parts.

According to (maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce´s International Trade Administration), some importers have experienced problems when products are added to the list without notice. Additionally, importers can be dropped from the registry without notice or additional explanation and getting customs to release goods can take more time than you planned on (


If you have a Mexican company, you have two options for importation:

  • Import items in the name of your company
    • You will still need to use a customs broker
    • You will need to be registered on the Padrón de Importadores as mentioned above
  • Use a comercializadora (an import company)


Choosing to import in the name of your company

Mextax can assist by registering your company on the Padrón de Importadores (Official Register of Importers) However, all information and advice related to the actual importation process must be provided by and completed with a customs broker.


Choosing to import using a comercializadora

What is a comercializadora?

Comercializadoras in Mexico are import companies. By grouping similar sectors together, they use economies of scale and vast knowledge of Mexico´s Customs Office (Aduana) and Mexico´s tax administration service (SAT – Servicio de Administración Tributaria) requirements and regulations to ensure goods are properly imported into Mexico.


When should you use a comercializadora?

  • When your company is not registered in the general register of importers
  • When you import infrequently
  • When you do not have someone in your company to monitor and manage the process for (in Spanish)
  • When your business does not have a physical location in Mexico (example: office or warehouse)


Benefits of using a comercializadora?

  • They have a complete understanding of Mexican Customs regulations which:
    • reduces the risk of receiving a fine
    • reduces the risk of shipment being confiscated for lack of compliance to requirements and customs procedures
  • No need for your company to be registered in the general importer registry or registered with any additional Customs or SAT requirements
  • Provide advice and accompany you through the entire process to ensure compliance with all regulations and restrictions.


At Mextax , we work with businesses every day who are importing successfully into Mexico, expanding their market reach. If you would like more information on expanding into Mexico, our Mexican Accounting services and how we can help, please click here to contact us today.