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You might find it surprising that one of the benefits assured by Mexican labor laws is the end-of-year bonus, known as “el aguinaldo.” All employees are familiar with aguinaldo and eagerly anticipate the payment owed to them by their employer. If you have employees, including household staff, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the legal nuances of this highly anticipated bonus. 

Full-time employees are entitled to a bonus equivalent to 15 dayspay, in addition to their regular salary. Importantly, aguinaldo must be disbursed before the 20th of December. For those employees who haven’t completed a full year of service, their aguinaldo should be prorated to reflect the duration of their employment. Part-time employees, including household staff like cleaners or gardeners, are also entitled to receive their aguinaldo.

In the event of non-compliance with aguinaldo payments, workers can file complaints with the Federal Labor Attorney’s Office (PROFEDET) to assert their rights and rectify the situation. 

If you require payroll services, including assistance with calculating year end bonuses, please contact Mextax. Our Payroll Services include:

  • Employer Registration with SAT
  • Employer & Employee Registration with IMSS*
  • Payroll calculation tailored to the employer´s preferences (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly)
  • Payroll Tax Seal (required by SAT)
  • Monthly IMSS calculation
  • Bi-Monthly INFONAVIT & SAR calculation
  • Employee resignation or termination calculation
  • Year-end bonus calculations
  • Employee Profit Sharing calculation (PTU)
  • Vacation bonus calculations
  • Calculations of all additional payroll related incidents (unpaid time, overtime, Sunday worktime, etc.)
  • Salary adjustments
  • State payroll tax calculation.

Our proficient team of accountants is well-versed in Mexican labor laws and is ready to assist you in ensuring that your employees receive the benefits guaranteed to them.