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Mextax will assist you in obtaining your RFC

The only requirement is to provide us your CURP, it is important that you have not requested an RFC before, otherwise you will have to do the process in person at the SAT offices (Tax Administration Service).


Once you have your account and your RFC, you must issue your electronic signature, (e-signature), we can advise you to carry out this procedure, however, this is a process performed in person at the SAT offices.


The e-signature is a digital file that identifies you when you carry out formalities, procedures and services before the Government of the Republic. It signs your documents electronically. Due to its characteristics, it is secure and guarantees your identity.


If you do not have a bank account in Mexico it is important that you open one for your commercial activity, likewise, Mextax will advise you in this process. We can initiate this process for you, so you only need to go to the bank and sign your new account contract.


Afterwards, we will introduce you to your new assigned accountant who will contact you to give you a planning session on your commercial transactions.

Mextax will perform the following activities:

  • Prepare the accounting based upon the bank statements that you provide us.

  • Perform the tax calculations.

  • Monthly IVA (VAT) report.

  • State taxes report.

  • Annual ISR (income tax) report.

  • Annual statement, if needed.

  • Up to 5 invoices included in your package.

  • Consultancies with the accounting team.

There may be unique reports and taxes for certain type of activities, of which the accountant will inform you about when the guidance session takes place.

The accounting package includes up to 50 transactions by month, an invoice issued or received is considered a transaction.

This package is a one time fee of $1,983 USD. Including taxes.