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At Mextax, we pride ourselves in providing professional accounting services in Mexico for individuals with small or medium sized businesses and activities. Mexico means business! The country’s geographical location, between the USA, the largest market in the world, and the growing Latin American market, it’s dynamic commercial and industrial infrastructure and its large population, open up endless possibilities for starting a business here.

If you have made the decision to open a business in Mexico, now help ensure its financial success by teaming up with Mextax. Our team of accounting and taxation professionals will guide you and your business through the complexities of the Mexican accounting and tax system.

Or perhaps you have already opened your business but you feel your current accountants have not been processing your tax declarations on time or have not been giving you clear advice on your fiscal obligations. This can slow down the progress and profitability of your business and attract unwanted attention from the tax department. You have invested a lot of time and money in your Mexican business project, so it makes sense to take advantage of the expert services offered by our Mextax accountants. Our years of experience in local tax matters are what you need to keep your books in order and help you make the most of your investment.

Our commercial accounting services include:

  • Fiscal year evaluations for your company (and yourself)
  • Accurately completing your monthly accounting records
  • Monthly declaration of IVA & ISR (sales & income tax)
  • Annual ISR declaration
  • Withholding for taxes (IVA & ISR)
  • Balance sheet and financial statements in English
  • Correct invoicing

Our Mextax accountants will keep you up to date about the hard numbers of your business so you can have a clear idea about its state of health; by showing you a detailed yearly fiscal evaluation you can tell how successful your year has really been.

The face of international business has changed recently with the rapid growth of digital commerce, and nowadays it is a must to be active on digital platforms to promote and sell your products. Our local Mextax accounting experts are familiar with the whole online business panorama in Mexico and will be by your side during each step of the accounting and fiscal process when you set up and then run your business.

Mextax will show you how the Mexican Government requires that all digital platforms in Mexico, such as Amazon, Mercado Libre, Airbnb, etc, withhold a percentage of their users’ sales as a tax payment. Therefore, digital platforms are requesting all their users provide them their RFC, that is their Mexican taxpayer registry number.

Mextax will also explain to you how it is important when receiving income in Mexico for a commercial activity such as rent from a property or the sale of an item, to promptly pay taxes for such income. The two main taxes are IVA or VAT (Value Added Tax) and ISR (Income Tax).

Our Mextax accountants will guide you through the complicated financial and tax paperwork you will have to deal with, and offer you a clear and detailed picture of your company’s financial status.